Are Brown Fats helpful in Weight Loss?

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Are Brown Fats helpful in Weight Loss?

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:23 am

[justify]It would not be wrong to say that obesity has become one of the most prominent medical problems in the world. The growing number of people becoming fat and obese in all the parts of the world is alarming. Apparently, the factors why people are becoming fat so quickly are not that hard to identify. The increase in the consumption of junk food, irregular eating patterns and non-existence of exercise in daily routine are among the most easily identifiable causes of obesity and weight gain.
[justify]Since eating junk food is the most frequent cause of gaining weight, young people of this age who have developed an undying love for fast foods like burgers, chips and pizzas are the ones that are being more affected by obesity than other members of the society. Junk food is very rich in carbohydrates, which if taken excessively can result in formation of fat in the body. The fat thus, produced is called white fat and has no other purpose than to increase the weight of the body.[/justify]

[justify]Another type of fats known as brown fat, however, is beneficial for the body. It unlike the white fat does not store energy and helps the body in burning it. This way the body is able to use energy stored in white fat in the body in a constructive manner. The brown fat is a naturally occurring nutrient that is found in the body of young children. Stores of brown fat start depleting as the person begins to age. It is because of depletion of brown fat why the body starts storing energy in white fat and then utilizing it.[/justify]

[justify]Medical professionals think that if brown fat stores in the body can be increased and reactivated somehow, they can help in reducing a person’s weight. Brown fat contains enzymes that help in converting excessive white fat in the body into utilizable energy. Presence of enzymes is the reason why brown fat is known to be an excellent weight reducing agent. One of the ways to stimulate brown fat occurrence is drinking [dofollow=]weight loss tea such as green tea[/dofollow]. The focal point of research on brown fat that is going on nowadays is to find out the ways through which it can be administered to a person suffering from weight gain. Thus, the answer to the question whether brown fat is helpful in weight loss is a solid yes. [/justify]


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